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Build your web site in 5 simple steps!

SiteBuilder is a browser-based application for creating and editing your web site. Its simple 5-step wizard interface provides an effortless way for you to create, modify and update your own web site without any knowledge of FTP, HTML or any other technical process. If you know how to browse the Web, then you can build your own professional web site with SiteBuilder! Try SiteBuilder Now!

5-Step wizard – The step-by-step wizard allows you to design, structure, edit content, define parameters and publish your website in minutes instead of hours.

WYSIWYG Editor – Allows you to easily edit your web site content without any knowledge of HTML or other technical processes.

Templates – SiteBuilder contains more than 300 high quality web site templates each with its own color variations. They are sorted by categories such as: Personal, Business, Communications, Computers, Entertainment, Medical, Transportation, Travel and more!

Building your web site is as easy as following these 5 steps:

Step 1: Select and Personalize Web Site Template
During the "Design" Step, you are prompted to select the appearance of your future web site from the set of templates, define the color scheme for the web site, display for the main menu, specify the company name, web site header, slogan and upload your own logo type image.

Step 2: Determine Type and Order of Pages
During the "Pages" Step, you will define the set of pages for your site. You can choose from the following list of Personal Pages: About, Family, Photos, Resume, Links, Contact; or Business Pages: About, News, Products, Support and more. Once you've chosen your pages, then you will determine their order within the web site.

Step 3: Edit Pages
During the "Edit" Step, you will use our powerful What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to alter your pages. This editor allows you to write and alter text, colors, insert images and create links, to name a few of the options.

Step 4: Input Web Site Settings
During the "Settings" Step, you will input the parameters for your web site. These parameters include the site title, site keywords and site description. These parameters are part of how search engines determine when and where to show your site for those that are seeking your type of content.

Step 5: Publish Your Site
With one click, you can publish your site live to the Web! Try SiteBuilder Now!

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